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The Founder

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Edwina Shankle has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years. In her quest to inspire others, she began to coach and mentor women globally. Mrs. Shankle has mentored over 1,000 people with her unique leadership style that motivates and equips others to reach their divine purpose. As a regional leader with Avlon, she used the platform to educate entrepreneurs in advanced classes and those beginning their journey.

Being a business owner for many years, she had the opportunity to travel internationally and mentor many upcoming entrepreneurs while creating a safe place to express their needs. Her loving and caring spirit gravitated toward those who needed that special touch of reassurance that everything would work out. Her dedication to helping others became more than a career; it became a passion for empowering the lives of each person that comes across her path. She has served in faith-based communities hosting workshops, seminars, and community engagement. Mrs. Shankle's leadership abilities are recognized in magazine articles and honored with awards. With her desire to make a more significant social change, she became the founder of The Diamond Effect, a nonprofit organization and The Power Exchange; a consulting and motivational speaking company. 

Mrs. Shankle continues cultivating relationships and strengthening her philanthropy and believes as we discover our inner diamond, we give permission for others to shine.
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